• About my work

    My practice is concerned with creating my own comprehensive creative expression and embodiment system of somatic movement training using experiential anatomy, environmental movement, the work of Anna Halprin (expressive arts healing movement) and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (embryology and Body Mind Centering), the transformative tools of rituals, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and also permaculture.

    I want to explore the movement language that will emerge from combining the above somatic practices and what kind of work I wish to create from it.

    This has been part of a process to place even more so creativity at the centre of my life because it increases my artistic growth, wellbeing, values my humanity and flourishing. I have taken the conscious decision to do this particularly because I live in a world that places value on economic growth at the expense of humanity and wellbeing, including my own and the planet, and my creative practice.

    The current paradigm in which rising inequality exists, the focus on product, competition, and a kind of social evaluative conditioning, which create either shame, judgement or temporary feelings of pride are creating illness. This needs to change and so do our institutions. Currently these institutions have dehumanising structures which obstruct creativity and imagination. And those working within them are also suffering.

    So I want to explore these issues in creative practice and use my experience of a chronic health condition, to stimulate wellbeing in others. I want to offer those working within institutions and those attending their services a programme of mindful based and somatic movement, to stimulate awareness and knowledge of their inner resources so that they can respond creatively and healthily to their wellbeing, integrate somatic activity into their daily life in order to experience more decision making centred around the flourishing of their life, their humanity. My wish is for a world where we are well, creative, happier, more engaged with the things that really matter in life, and less caught up in the current paradigm of judgment and evaluation. My wish is that this is explored through the medium of movement, our body in a way that is holistic and healing.


  • Writing

    My creative writing was published in World Arts Platform in 2010. I also wrote about the positive effects of dance on well-being and health while I worked for Dance House and for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.