I am passionate about living fully, meaningfully, and happily. I am drawn to social, creative and cultural environments that stimulate me to interact and collaborate, to present an inventive viewpoint and influence people on a local and global level.

I thank my rich multicultural background, tapestry of life and experience of living in Dakar for 16 years. I am passionate about and proud of my multicultural roots, in particular my African heritage, which has inspired me to research and experience rituals. I have an MA in Interpreting & Translating (German and Spanish) from Heriot Watt University. French is my first language.

I received an MA from Trinity Laban in European Dance Theatre Practice. Since studying dance, I have learnt and studied somatic movement practices with various teachers such as Anna Halprin, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Fran Lavandel and Kirsty Alexander.

The fields of study included: Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, Skinner Releasing, Experiential Anatomy, Alexander Technique and Authentic Movement.

I have developed my own practice, dedicating time to exploring and deepening my understanding of my own body using anatomy, embryology and movement.

I am involved in on-going research into developing rituals for my own well-being, important and significant events in my life and for those close to me. I have also attended grief ritual workshops by Sobonfu Some and a Women’s Circle with the Native American Elder, Grandfather Kaya.

I have been studying Nonviolent communication (NVC) since 2010 and I also participate in a one year North America Nonviolent Communication Leadership Programme. I have been working as a volunteer for Venture Scotland since November 2011.

I have over twelve years’ experience facilitating classes in dance and movement for a variety of participants: refugees, dance and drama students, adults with learning disabilities, children, young people with challenging behaviour and adults with mental health difficulties.

I have worked for a range of institutions and organisations in Glasgow and the UK: the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, Indepen-dance, Maryhill Integration Network (Refugees and Art), Dance House and Dance Base (both national dance agencies), Artlink, Entelechy Arts, Central School of Speech and Drama, Chichester University, Quay Arts Centre (Isle of Wight), and Dance United (Coleraine, NI).

I am grateful for the voices of my African, European and Asian ancestors, past and present. Also my teachers who have encouraged, inspired and guided me: Fran Lavandel, Kit Miller, Dominic Barter, Francois Beausoleil, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Anna Halprin, Luisah Teisch and Sobonfu Some.

My reverence to Mahatma Gandhi, Joanna Macy and Marion Woodman whose work deeply moves me to action.