• June, Craniosacral Therapist on creative movement for women over 55s

    Satya’s clear, gentle way of bringing us into our bodies, into the present moment and into relationship with the water and hills on the other side of the glass was both nurturing and liberating. When we moved with each other we were able to flow into the space effortlessly. It was a joyful experience for me, coming home to my creative moving self.

  • Laura Gonzalez, Artist & Writer on Playful movement: explorations in nature.

    ” I really valued the event. it made me feel alive, connected to myself and alert, in that way only movement can. Thank you so very much to both you and Emma and I do hope there are more of these! ”

    Laura Gonzalez, participant in “Playful Movement: explorations in nature”, sunday 25 August, co facilitated with Emma Forbes of Relational Rituals.

  • Participant, Nourish your creativity workshop

    “From within the silent, focussed movement of your workshop emerged a deep appreciation of a body that I had simply taken for granted: I have a new gratitude. To weave your guidance in with reflections on the intelligence of embryological development was most profound.
    As a consequence, I am now seeking to explore, how in such stillness, the consequences of illness or distress can be healed; rebalancing in a most peaceful way what has become imbalanced.”

  • Natalie Yates, Peer Mediation Project Coordinator, Five Elms Primary School

    “Students thoroughly enjoyed the training, which included role play and exploring feelings and needs through creative movement. They were challenged to consider their own actions in a conflict situation, such as assigning blame, making assumptions and giving advice and how harmful these can be in finding a positive solution. Ceri and Satya provided practical support by breaking down challenging concepts into easy-to-remember acronyms which will be used throughout the year for continued development of the peer mediator role. By the end of the training many students were able to articulate how much they had learnt and were inspired and eager to put their new skills into practice.”

  • Nina Enemark, translator and PhD student on Mindful Movement and Breathing

    ‘I attended Satya’s Mindful Movement and Breathing class and loved the feeling of deep relaxation, safety and centredness that it gave me, all through exercises aimed at awareness of the body and self and throwing off the mental clutter of everyday life.’

  • Amreeta Manjit Kaur, Community Development Worker on Rituals for our lives

    “During the sessions I felt safe and held within the space. I trusted the process as the facilitator communicated each activity effectively. Amongst the structure of the workshops there was also a lot of choice and freedom whilst I learnt how to explore the range of rituals for my life.

    I enjoyed learning about the importance of mourning in my life – a topic that has often been disregarded during my interactions with others.The depth and wealth of this felt experience left me inspired and has changed my attitude towards grief in more ways than I can describe.”

  • Suzie Simpson, Arts & Cultural Development Officer, Scottish Refugee Council

    “Thank you Satya for delivering such a thought provoking and inspiring workshop for our staff development day. It was great that you gave people tools they could take away and practice in their lives. We really enjoyed it and many of us felt much more relaxed afterwards. I would recommend to other organisations and service providers looking to offer staff a workshop in compassionate communication or similar.”

  • Rosemary James, Audience Engagement Officer on Nourish your creativity

    “After a long period of ill health and disconnection from my physical self I found Satya Dunning’s workshop a great way to reconnect with my body and find a space to relax and de-stress through creative movement. The exploration of embryology and Chinese medicine was both fascinating and invigorating.”

  • Glasgow YWCA

    “Satya developed a great relationship with the women, and in only 2 weeks, this is an achievement. The women responded very well to her, and her to the women. I would not hesitate to have Satya back at the YWCA – she is professional, approachable and a fantastic person to work with.”

    Angela Baker, Building Women’s Capacity Officer, Glasgow YWCA