Satya’s Workshops

I draw on my extensive knowledge and skills in the disciplines of movement and the body, and ritual and communication, to ignite conditions which deepen your self awareness and process of transformation.

Useful information:

  • Booking is essential as numbers are limited.
  • Concessions are available for low income, unemployed, retired and students.
  • Unless otherwise stated, these workshops are open to everyone and are suitable
  • for beginners through to those with advanced levels of ability.
  • Please wear loose comfortable clothes.
  • Bring some snacks and bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated.

Finding Support through Embryology

A workshop open to anyone curious and interested in how embryology can offer support to our well being. This is a movement class open to every body. We will move, draw, write, reflect. Please bring warm clothing, water, and a notebook to write in.

This workshop is curated and organised by Glasgow Open Dance School (G.O.D.S)

Date: Sunday 9 February 2014

Time: 14.00 to 16.00

Location: Market Gallery, 334 Duke Street, Glasgow G31 1QZ.

Cost: Free.

Please email to let me know if you are coming. I am told by G.O.D.S there is no need to book.

Please also visit


Movement in Nature Series


Playful Movement in nature: discovering self and place with Urban Roots

Sunday 3 August 2014 at Malls Mire, right next to Urban Roots’ Toryglen Community Base, 179 Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow,  G42 0LA

2pm – 6pm.
Cost: £5

To book a place email: or tel: 0141 613 2766

Playful Movement in nature aims to increase wellbeing by being creative in a natural environment.

It’s a chance for you to get energised, and absorbed in a natural environment and leave busy thoughts and concerns behind.
It’s a space to reconnect with your body, others and your surroundings through play, movement, mindful based activity, using your imagination and paying attention to what’s around you.

You will:
Discover a new sense of self and relate to your surrounding creatively.
Increase your capacity to be in the present moment and have fun.
Improve your listening skills use a multisensory approach.
Deepen your experience of how creativity and nature contribute to your wellbeing.

The session is usually a mixture of talking, playful movement, sometimes drawing, reflecting and seeing how we can bring these experiences into our daily life.
No experience is needed. Open to 16 years old and plus.
What to bring:
Water, a snack and something to write on (notebook, journal).
Comfortable layers of clothing.


Examples of past workshops run are:

Therapeutic Movement in nature: rediscovering self and place.

& Playful Movement: Explorations in nature.

I have run these by myself or in collaboration with other artists like Emma Forbes of Relational Rituals (Rachel Lyon) at festivals like Ready Steady Grow in Pollockshield, community gardens such Woodlands Community Garden and Urban Roots, the local community at North Kelvin Meadows or private groups.

They have been inspired by Anna Halprin’s expressive arts healing movement work in the natural environment.

Participants have ranged from adults in recovery from substance abuse, to adults and children, adults only.

Each workshop is unique and tailor made to the group.

For more information about these workshops, please contact me at or call 07981 927 335.

Thanks to North Kelvin Meadows, Woodlands Gardens, Urban Roots and Ready Steady Grow.

North Kelvin Meadows:   and

Woodlands Community Gardens:

Urban Roots:

Please visit my business Facebook page to look at more photos of past workshops:




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Transforming Communication to support Well-Being

“Be the changes you want to see in the world.” Duration: 2 day weekend workshop.

Discover and learn to communicate more effectively and relate to yourself and others compassionately and consciously. Dissolve obstacles and remove blocks which compromise well-being. Lead a happier life with the tools of Nonviolent communication.

If you can see that all behaviour is an attempt to nurture needs and that we share universal needs, then you can dissolve enemy images, and create changes in the world.

You may wish to bring your own personal notebook to make notes.

This will be a 2 day weekend workshop from 10 to 5pm.

Sat/Sun: 10am to 5pm

Bring your own lunch and drinks. Tea & coffee will be provided.

Please feel free to call me on 07981927335 to find out more about this class and to reserve a place.

I also run private classes for individuals and groups. Call me for a free consultation.



Rituals for Our Lives: Mourning, Celebration and Gratitude

Duration: 3 hours. Women only

Using the tools of Nonviolent communication, some light movement, creative rituals, drawing, writing, talking and reflecting, these 3 separate workshops creatively celebrate the fullness of living and being human.

By acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the losses and joys (big and small) you experience on a daily basis and throughout your life, we can increase your emotional intelligence, happiness, well-being, mental wellness and quality of life.

You may wish to bring your own personal notebook to make notes.

Please feel free to call me on 07981927335 to find out more about this class and to reserve a place. 


Mindful Movement and Breathing

Duration: 1 hour.

Increase your capacity to be in the present moment with calm and presence. We will use light movement and stretching, gentle breathing and creative exercises to encourage mindfulness, awareness and relaxation.

Please feel free to call me on 07981927335 to find out more about this class and to reserve a place.


2013-03-29 18.45.13

Nourish your Creativity

For anyone who loves life, dancing, and movement or wants to reconnect with their body.

You are invited to tune and sense into your body to create your own movement, small or large, to integrate the connections / experiences / sensations you are making into an improvised dance as dynamic as you want it to be and as a living  expression of your body.

Please wear comfortable and warm clothes, bring water, a snack and your journal if you have one.

Next Workshop – final of the year!

Saturday 30 November from 2pm to 5pm

Location: Partick Burgh Hall, 9 Burgh Hall Street, Glasgow G11 5LW

Booking is important to cover costs of hall hire and my financial sustainability. Check out the price info below.

Booking information:

Places are limited to 10 people.

If you decide to attend a £10 non refundable deposit is required to be paid by Monday 25 November by 5pm. The remaining amount will be paid on the day of the workshop. If I cancel the workshop, you will be reimbursed. I’d love ideally 3 people to book for the workshop to go ahead.

To book a place and for more info, please and I will send you payment details.





Bespoke Service

I can help you design your own Well-Being Agenda, including one or more of the six pillars. You can design your own private or group ceremonies to celebrate abundance, gratitude, friendship or a relationship.

I also initiate private sessions for relationship rituals between mothers and daughters and fathers and sons.

You may also be interested in private coaching sessions around communication skills or mindful movement.

Listening circle series

Meaningful Conversations (MC) was initially designed for RNIB Scotland’s Iwomen peer support group. Its structure and content can be adapted to your group’s needs. MC is about sharing your story and communicating authentically, deeply and clearly from the heart. MC is informed by a variety of communication techniques such as Nonviolent Communication (NVC) also known as Compassionate Communication and also Council or Listening Circles. At the heart of MC is the practice of communicating in a circle, creating a centre and using a talking piece in order to create an intentional space to share what deeply matters to you.

The practice of deep listening and sharing without judgment creates an atmosphere of respect for ourselves and for others and promotes empathy, compassion, understanding and community.

By listening we open our hearts and learn compassion. By being heard, we learn to better understand ourselves.

Here are comments about MC by some of Iwomen’s participants:

I got an awareness of how to say no. I realise it’s hard for me to say “could you listen to me?”

“I’m grateful for being in a group of lovely women. I feel content, trust, confidence and safety.”

I feel a lightness even though what we talked about was sad.”

I’m breathing deeper.”

I offer a range of bespoke and tailored events designed to address issues your organisation faces concerning communication, optimum well being at work, stress management and to support delivery of your mission values and statements to your customer. My approach is creative, open to collaboration and uses the tools of Nonviolent Communication.

Examples of such workshops include:

Working Positively with Challenging Behaviour for Venture Scotland’s staff and volunteers.

A Staff Development Session for the Scottish Refugee Council to increase well being at work through the practice of gratitude.

Mindfulness and Meditation for Asylum seeking and Refugee Women as part of their Women’s Morning Event for Support and Well Being.

2 Workshops on Creating Inner Calm, Valuing Yourself and Relating to yourself and others with ease for women at Glasgow YWCA.

Confident Parents Cooperative Kids project set up by Bridging the Gap in Glasgow. As a guest Facilitator on this compassionate / conscious communication, I supported parents in the Gorbals cope with the challenges of being a parent.

Working Positively with Challenging Behaviour.

Dealing with Challenging behavior with Satya Dunning.

In this introductory workshop using the principles and tools of Compassionate Communication, you will:

  • Learn how to stay empowered and calm in highly charged situations
  • Understand a model of human behaviour based on values that will show you how to respond more positively to a conflict.
  • Increase your emotional resilience by improving your skills in empathic listening.
  • Develop positive regard and behaviours during confrontations.

With the newly learnt skills and techniques, you will be able to:

  • Create and influence positive relationships with the participants using effective and transformative techniques.
  • Maintain a positive connection with the participants.
  • Enhance the bond between yourself and the participants.

For a free phone consultation and to find out more about this workshop, please contact Satya on 07981 927 335 or email




I offer bespoke training and education packages on the themes of communication skills, developing empathy skills in children, mediation, self-responsibility and awareness around behaviour for schools using the tools of Nonviolent Communication and the principle of Nonviolence.

These packages can take the form of workshops for children, parents, teachers, school staff interested in increasing their well being through effective and compassionate communication.

Examples of projects include:

Walk a Mile in My Shoes:

A bespoke and tailored communication, conflict resolution and peer mediation project for Five Elms Primary School in London delivered by Ceri Buckmaster and myself. The aims of the training programm are to develop empathy and a culture of empathy in the children and school using the tools of Nonviolent Communication in line with Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) objectives, to create a support network for children through a system of peer mentoring and heighten the children’s awareness around their own behaviour.